Fix Realme 3 Overheating Issue

A smartphone is one of the essential gadgets in our lives. It makes communication simple, helps you find places, and keeps you connected to your friends and family, among several other things.

But, when a smartphone overheats, it starts to lag, the performance drops, the battery drains fast, and the device gets too hot to hold in your hands and comfortably accept calls. You may get warnings such as “Temperature too high” as well.

You may wonder, “How do I fix Realme 3 Overheating?”.

This is a question I get asked by many people. And I know what it feels like because I’ve been through the same thing.

You can spend hours trying to fix this overheating issue. But if you don’t use the correct methods, you will only waste time and end up frustrated.

In this article, I will share simple and effective ways to fix the overheating issue on your Realme 3.

Before we try to fix Overheating on Realme 3, let’s first understand-

What is Overheating? Is it an Issue?

All electronic devices heat up, and it is normal behavior. However, electronic devices are designed to control the heat and monitor the device temperature.

The following components of Realme 3 are responsible for generating heat.

  • The 4230mAh, Li-Po battery – generates heat as the power is transferred in and out.
  • The Helio P60 processor – generates heat while working but more heat under heavy use.
  • The 6.22", 720x1520 pixels screen – generates heat while being used with high brightness

The above three components when used excessively when you perform activities such as recording long videos, gaming, and editing videos. Which makes the theme heat up more than usual.

Heating beyond the safe temperatures can kill the processor, and the battery can explode.

To ensure the above two worst cases do not happen, smartphones keep the temperature at a limit by throttling the processor, screen, and battery.

  • The processor’s speed will decrease, which decreases the performance, and then you will notice the Laggy UI while gaming; you will see the game stutter or see frame drops.
  • The battery will be charged at a lower Watts, increasing the charging time. When the temperatures are unmanageable, your phone will stop charging altogether.
  • The screen’s brightness will be lowered and won’t increase even if you manually increase it, making it harder to see the screen outdoors.

Fix Realme 3 Overheating Issue

Realme 3 Overheating while Charging

Is your Realme 3 overheating while charging? It’s not a problem most of the time. As the energy is transferred from the charger to your Realme 3’s battery, some of it escapes in the form of heat from the battery.

Most of the time, we confuse heating with overheating. However, heating is normal, and Overheating is the problem.

If you can’t hold your phone comfortably on your hands or near your ears, it’s overheating; it’s just running a little warm.

If you are sure your phone did not heat like it is now, then you are probably right; it’s overheating. Check out the solutions below-


 Loose the case to Fix Heating Issue

A case decreases the heat dissipating from your smartphone’s body.

If the phone is in a cool environment, it can still charge, but it will decrease the charging speed to manage the heat. When it gets unmanageable, the smartphone will stop charging itself.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other fixes than removing the case while charging and then putting it back on when charging completes.


Firmware is the software that runs on Realme 3. It is often the second most common cause of Realme 3 Overheating when Charging.

Realme 3 was launched in 2019 with Android 9.0, up to Android 10, Realme UI; If this issue started after you updated the Software of your Realme 3, the new software has bugs causing overheating.

The first thing you should try is looking for a newer software update. If available, then update your Realme 3. The latest update will fix the issue.

Suppose you don’t see any new updates, backup your data and do a factory reset. Often a factory reset will fix the overheating issue.

No update was available, and a factory reset did not fix the issue?

Then you can downgrade the software to an older version. But downgrading software is not as easy as upgrading. So if you want to downgrade your Realme 3 software safely, I recommend you get it done from a Realme Repair Center.


The Environment in which you are charging your phone can contribute to overheating. When you charge a phone, as the juice is transferred to the battery, it heats up and is expected to do so.

But if you charge your Realme 3 under direct sunlight or in a scorching environment, your phone can no longer control the temperature and will probably stop charging and even go ahead and turn off.

So, I recommend not charging your phone in hot rooms, under sunlight.

Fast Charging

Unlike five years ago, when chargers were rated 5W, most people didn’t bother about charging speed. Modern fast chargers start at 20W and go up to 240W, which can charge your phone in 9mins!

Learn more about Fast Charging from Belkin.

So, your fast-charger is doing 2-2.5 hours of charging in 30mins; therefore, devices get heated up, and it’s normal if the temperature rises while fast charging, the device will automatically decrease the charging wattage, which will cool down the battery.

Pro Tip: To ensure your Realme 3 is charging at the fastest speed it supports, you should remove the case if you have installed any on your Realme 3 and charge it in a cool place.

Realme 3 Overheating while Using

Smartphones can overheat while performing the following tasks as they are intense and resource-consuming.


Smartphones dissipate heat via the body, but when we install a case, it decreases the effectiveness of the process.

If permanently using the phone without a case is not an option, you can experiment with a different Case.


Camera shows Overheating Warning on Realme 3

You might not have noticed it, but smartphones process the pictures and videos captured by the camera.

Realme 3 enhances its 13MP camera with 1080p video recording by processing the pictures and videos in the background.

It’s okay for a few pictures and small videos, but as soon you start recording long videos, the processor gets a lot of data to process and starts to heat up. So Realme 3 may stop recording video if it heats too much.

You can try the following tips-

  • Try to not record videos in direct sunlight
  • Turn off the Flash when not required
  • Adjust Video Resolution and Frames per second


Overheating is a common issue that can occur when playing games on a mobile phone, especially if the device is not properly optimized for gaming or if the game itself is resource intensive.

If your Realme 3 is overheating while gaming, you can try the following fixes-

Take breaks

Give your phone a rest by taking breaks during extended gaming sessions. This allows the device to cool down and prevents excessive heat buildup.

Close background apps

Close any unnecessary apps running in the background as they can consume system resources and generate additional heat. This can help reduce the strain on your phone's processor.

Lower graphics settings

Many games offer graphical settings that can be adjusted. Lowering the graphics settings, such as reducing the resolution or disabling features like anti-aliasing or shadows, can help reduce the workload on your phone's GPU and CPU, thus lowering heat generation.

Reduce screen brightness

High screen brightness can contribute to heat buildup. Lowering the brightness level can help mitigate the issue.

Play in a cool environment

Avoid playing games in direct sunlight or in hot environments. Higher ambient temperatures can exacerbate overheating issues. Opt for a well-ventilated, cooler location to play your games.

Avoid covering the phone

Ensure that your phone has enough airflow around it while gaming. Avoid covering it with blankets, cushions, or cases that may impede heat dissipation.

Use a cooling accessory

Consider using a cooling accessory designed for mobile devices, such as a phone cooling pad or a clip-on fan. These accessories can help dissipate heat more effectively and keep your phone cooler during gaming sessions.

Update your phone and games

Keep your phone's operating system and games up to date. Developers often release updates that can improve performance and optimize resource usage, which can help reduce overheating problems.

Use battery-saving mode

Some phones have a battery-saving mode or gaming mode that can optimize system performance while reducing heat generation. Enable these modes if available on your device.

Consider gaming on a tablet or dedicated gaming device

If overheating is a persistent problem, you may want to consider gaming on a tablet or a dedicated gaming device. These devices are often designed with better heat dissipation mechanisms and can handle more demanding games without overheating as quickly as a mobile phone.

Note: Remember that while these tips can help reduce overheating issues, excessive and prolonged heat buildup can still potentially damage your phone or reduce its lifespan. If you're experiencing severe overheating or your phone becomes uncomfortably hot to the touch, it's advisable to stop gaming and allow the device to cool down before using it again.

Pro Tip: Adding a Phone Cooler to your gaming setup can be an effective solution to help prevent overheating and ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience on your Realme 3.


Is your Realme 3 Overheating while using Hotspot?

Well, there is nothing wrong with your phone; when you turn on your phone’s Hotspot, your phone has to connect with the cellular network and use WiFi to act as a hotspot. Unfortunately, this puts too much work on the battery and starts to heat up.

  • Remove the Case
  • Put your phone in an open area


Is your Realme 3 Overheating while Streaming?

When you watch videos or start a live stream, your phone’s screen, CPU, and GPU work simultaneously. Unfortunately, the battery begins overheating due to these three working hard and drawing a lot of power.

When you use Mobile Data, it gets worse, and when you use Mobile Data when the signals are weak, it gets worst for your phone to manage heat.

The following tricks will help you solve the overheating problems while streaming-

  • Remove the Case
  • Use WiFi instead of Mobile Data
  • Adjust the Video Quality
  • Decrease the Brightness
  • Close other background apps

Realme 3 Overheating after update

Is your Realme 3 overheating after the recent update? If yes, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

When you update an Android Smartphone, you see the usual installation process, then the phone restarts, and it looks like the update is complete, but it isn’t. Because, after the reboot, the phone starts optimizing the apps in the background, which requires more processing power than when idle.

All you have to do is wait for the background update process to finish. You can also remove the case if you have installed any; doing so will help your phone dissipate heat better.

How long should you wait?

There is no correct answer to this as it primarily depends on the number of apps you installed on your phone and a few other things.

I suggest you wait three hours for the update to settle and then restart your phone.

None of the above solutions worked?

Well, now it’s time to visit the nearest Realme Repair Center. If your phone is Overheating a lot, I would not suggest you ignore the issue as it can be dangerous.

Wrapping Up

We looked at different scenarios and activities that can cause Realme 3 Overheating and their Solutions.

If I missed any activity or app which caused your Realme 3 to Overheat, let me know in the comments section.

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