Fix Philips W8568 that won’t charge

If you’re having trouble getting your Philips W8568 to charge, you may wonder if it’s a hardware or software problem and, most importantly, how you can fix it?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and the charging of smartphones has not evolved much.

This guide will show you how to fix your Philips W8568 not charging. We will also show you how to solve this issue without data loss or risk.

Fix Philips W8568 Charging Issue

You can use this list as a guide to finding the solution for your Philips W8568’s Charging Problem.

Before we start, you should know that there are two ways to charge your smartphone. The first one is the standard charger and the second one is the fast charger.

We will also explain in detail troubleshooting methods for both.

This list is sorted with the common issues at the top.

Restart your Phone

A simple solution such as restarting the phone works most of the time, and most importantly, it does not take much effort to try.

Try to restart the phone to check if it charges. If it didn’t work, then move to the next solution.

Check your Charger and the Cable

The three components in charging your phone are the charger, the cable, and your phone. We need to figure out which of these is responsible for the charging issue. So we will start checking the charger and the cable.

But before we proceed further, I want you to check the following-

  • Check if the charger is powered on?
  • Try to plug the charger into a different socket.
  • Disconnect the cable from the charger and plug it again

You may have already tried the steps above; I included them because people often overlook them in a hurry.

A Damaged Charging Port
If your charging cable looks like this, most probably, it gave up.

For the next troubleshooting step, You will need a spare charger and cable because we need to figure out if your charger is dead or the cable.

You can use the charger of any device, but you will need a cable with the same connector as your Philips W8568.

Let’s start with the cable, plugin in your spare charging cable to your charger and your Philips W8568.

If it charges, the cable is broken from all the twisting and other kinds of trauma; if it doesn’t, try to charge your phone with a spare charger and cable.

If your phone starts charging, your Philips W8568’s charger is dead. You can use an old one, but it may not support fast charging.

If it overheats, check out Fix Philips W8568 Overheating Issue.

Pro Tip: If you decide to buy a new charger or cable, I suggest you buy it from Philips. If you buy from any other brand, the fast charging may not work.

Charge it while turned off

Now that we know your Philips W8568’s Charger and USB cable are working fine. We can try this.

Turn off your device and plug in your Charger. Wait for a few seconds, and then you should see charging signs.

Fixing Philips W8568 that won’ charge
Smartphone Charges after turning it off and plugging it in.

If your phone is charging while turned off, wait for it to charge completely, power it on, and finally try to charge it again. This also means that the problem is in the software of your phone.

You can go to settings and check for software updates, and if any are available, download and install them, it might fix your issue.

Did the update not fix the issue? Try the next fix.

Clean charging port

Charging Port is something that we do not care about. Even if we clean our phone, we only clean the Screen and the Back no one cleans the charging port.

Please look at your charging port; it should look something like this. If it doesn’t, I guess something is stuck in there.

To remove it, we need to use non-conductive material so that we don’t have a risk of sorting your phone.

I suggest you use a toothpick, gently remove the debris stuck in the charging port, and then plugin in your phone to check if it charges.

Video tutorial on Cleaning USB Port by NedT.

Charge your phone wirelessly

If you have a wireless charger, you should try charging with a wireless charger. It will help you to further drill down on the problem of a faulty USB socket/Charging Socket on your Philips W8568.

Philips Repair Center

If none of the above solutions worked, it’s time to visit your neared Philips Repair Center. Philips technicians will be able to pinpoint the problem and fix it. In addition, if your phone is under warranty, it will be repaired for free.

Wrapping up

In this article, I shared five solutions to fix Philips W8568 Charging Problem. However, if you have tried all the above solutions and still your Philips W8568 doesn’t charge, then the last option you have is to visit the nearest Philips Repair Center.

Do let me know if any other solution worked for you in the comments section.

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