5 Reasons to invest in Salesforce shares now


The role of artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing to be on the rise across business operations and other industries. More companies are trying to enhance their technological capabilities to introduce them and strengthen their financial holdings. Software giant sales forces have been standing out in recent years. It has had a stellar performance and continues to be the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Salesforce share price and investments have been a topic of interest for all the shareholders and potential investors. And so far 2024 has been looking good for the company and its investors. Read more to find out why you should invest in Salesforce CRM without further adieu:


  1. Robust growth

Salesforce has been enjoying a continuous demand as customers are experiencing a major digital transformation. This digital epidemic has made cloud-based solutions all the more popular. As Salesforce‘s strategy is to focus on introducing more products that align with customer needs, it continues to reign in the top line. Moreover, it has implemented partnership deals with Amazon Web Services and Alphabet that will expand its international operations. These strategic alliances will help the company with better integrations that will synchronise data-sharing across the globe.

  1. Good valuations

The current valuation is low enough to attract investors from across the globe. With a solid rank and a growth score, it appears to be a very compelling proposition for investment at the moment. 

  1. Innovative drivers

The company has been able to incorporate many innovative strategies like Einstein GPT copilot solutions. As it is combined with AI, it has been given an important space in the evolving artificial intelligence market. This latest generation of Einstein AI assistant is reinforcing the company’s strategic alliances. It increases their ability to provide an integrated solution to the customers’ problems as that is the key driver.

  1. Acquisitions

In addition to the partnerships, Salesforce has been able to use acquisitions to strengthen their overall business. Like how it acquired Airkit Ai, which is an AI-powered customer service app startup that has been able to advance its presence in the AI market and the customer relationship management software platform. So far, Salesforce’s earnings have outperformed all the estimates for all the four quarters, giving an average surprise of more than 10%.

  1. It has become a raw material

The software of Salesforce has essentially become a raw material to large companies. It has become ingrained in the working of so many companies in their normal operations and business activities. So, it is highly unlikely for clients to cut out this software to save costs even in a turbulent environment.


As an overview, with a winning track record in a digital transformation era, Salesforce is not going to back down anytime soon as the number one provider of CRM software. The stock will be considerably worth more in several years, so it can survive market volatility. Choose a reliable financial advisor like 5paisa, to educate yourself on all the recent trends and analyses before you invest. You can explore other share prices in the software market as well. For instance, the VIPS share price deserves some investor love as it is one of the underappreciated stocks in Tech. Keep yourself updated and have a smooth ride in your investment journey.

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